Preparing for Christmas 2020

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have both passed and they have been the busiest for online shoppers since online shopping began (thanks to COVID ruining in store shopping plans)! Black Friday 2020 saw the UK spend approximately 5.76 billion pounds compared to last year’s 3.77 billion. E-commerce really is a clear winner in the business world for 2020, but that also means that us couriers have been busier than ever, and it shows no signs of slowing down before the 25th December.

At Caribou, we’re busy helping Santa prepare for the big day, but how are we making sure our customers and clients can fully rely on our services for the most important day of the year?

We’ve come prepared.

It’s become apparent throughout the year that Christmas 2020 was going to be different. It became clear earlier this year that conditions imposed by the rise of COVID-19 meant that people were likely to be locking down and staying home well into the final weeks of 2020.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on things as online shopping has gradually been creeping up and home deliveries have surged. While that’s bad news for physical stores, it does mean a rise in sales from ecommerce and that is where we come in! Every year we prepare for Christmas and this year, we’ve done exactly the same but on a bigger scale. We’ve also upped our social media presence to make sure that customers can keep in contact with us easier and more efficiently, and that they can see updates from us as and when they happen.

We’re expanding.

At this time of year we always assess whether the vehicles we have on the road are likely to meet the Christmas demand. We kind of expected this to happen, which means we’ve employed more staff this year, have expanded our locations across the UK and are continuing to hire for multiple roles across the UK to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Tracking, tracking, tracking, because no one wants to be without on Christmas day. 

The worst thing that could happen with your Christmas deliveries is they don’t show up. Therefore at Christmas, a courier company should take extra care when it comes to package tracking. We take responsibility for the whereabouts and ultimately the delivery of all our packages from point to point, with no exceptions. With our tracking feature in the Caribou app you can track your parcel from depot to door.

We will also be keeping a close eye on where each and every one of our parcels are heading, ensuring that clients and buyers have full oversight with regard to where their gifts are going.

So, kick back and relax because Caribou (and Santa) have your parcels covered.

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