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Although the government has started to lift some of the restrictions we have in place and we begin returning to normal life, it does not mean that basic health and safety practises should be forgotten.

Parcels continue to be sent from all over the world, potentially passing through multiple handlers and locations and so extra care should still be taken when it arrives at your doorstep.

We’ve put together some advice to help remind everyone about handling all packages safely.

1. Stay two metres apart.

By now we’re all becoming familiar with how our parcels are being delivered. If your package is too big for your letterbox then it’s usually left outside or in a safe place. Respect everyone’s safety and keep your distance by allowing the delivery driver time to deliver and take any photos needed before retrieving the package.

2. Avoid signing for a parcel if you can

The majority of companies have introduced contactless delivery which means they will not take signatures on handheld devices. Instead, they will log the name of the person that is accepting the parcel, and usually take a picture of the delivered goods. You can help this process by nominating a safe place which is usually found on most tracking emails.

The same logic is also being applied for food deliveries. We’ve all ordered ourselves a Friday night pizza or kebab, with deliveries being left on the doorstep.

3. Wash your hands after handling your parcels.

The advice we’re being given is that COVID-19 can live on cardboard for 24 hours and survive on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours.

That is why everyone should be cleaning their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after handling your parcels. If appropriate, give your parcels or contents a wipe down.

Research has shown that any contaminated surfaces will decrease by 24 hours and even more significantly by 48 hours. Depending on what factors the parcel has been exposed to, the survival of the virus may vary.

The factors that affect COVID-19 are:

  • If the parcel is exposed to sunlight
  • The difference in humidity and temperature
  • The surface the virus is on
  • If the package is exposed to cleaning products.

A simple rule to follow would be to put your parcel aside for 24 hours and keep that risk as low as possible. If you’re considered to be in a high-risk group, then take extra precautions by disposing of the outer packaging outside your home and then wash your hands immediately.

4. Arrange a Re-delivery and don’t travel

If in the unfortunate event you’re not at home when delivery takes place, your parcel may be taken to a depot. Government guidelines ask that we arrange a re-delivery where possible and don’t travel, keeping the risk of spreading the virus down.

Our keyworkers are essential to keep our economy going, and their safety is paramount so by sticking to basic health and safety measures, we can help to make their life easier and keep receiving our parcels

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