Introducing Caribou Thailand!

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We’re excited to announce our new overseas venture. Introducing Caribou Thailand!

This is something that has been in the works for some time and marks the start of our international expansion, seeing the opening of a full pallet & parcel network for Asia with further growth expected in the next few years. This new project is being headed up by our very own head of Asia Nick Pearce who brings a wealth of experience to the role and a long-standing history with Thailand.

Caribou Managing Director Daryl Dylan said: “We’re incredibly excited to finally announce Caribou Thailand to the world and say that our hard work and determination over the last couple of years has seen us take Caribou to a whole new level by setting up a base overseas. The project is in the very capable hands of Nick who brings in an extensive amount of experience and knowledge of the market and he has already set his sights on expanding further across Asia.”

We caught up with Nick recently and asked him to talk us through this new move for Caribou and how exactly it came about.

Where did the idea come from?

Back in 2012, after a year of researching the industry and establishing this was the direction to take, I looked to start a business. I took my first step, which proved to be the correct one as very quickly I was being asked to take on more work than I could possibly achieve. Coming from a background of the airlines from Passenger to airfreight, I brought this knowledge into our logistics company which again paid dividends going forward.

After some time we felt that we had saturated the general haulage growth from our corner of the UK, without speeding our fleet to other bases. So, whilst in Australia on Holiday I had a call from a UK pallet network, wanting a chat about us joining the network. It was clear then that if we were to grow our company to the next level, we would need to find additional income streams and this is where a pallet network came into play.

Joining a network gave us access to companies that mostly only sent LTL loads with the occasional full loads meaning we had a variety of new clients. The operations team I built up ran like the airlines, with visibility and passing on the information critical to our success. Within the first year we had won our first award, and every year after that we saw ourselves either being nominated for, or winning more awards. Not bad for the new boys on the block!

Never letting our guard down, we continued to grow and exceed. We trained and developed our team from scratch ane most are still with us now. As my day-to-day role had very much changed, I had time to explore other ideas and options for the company.


A lot of my working career has been spent overseas, and so I started looking into Pallet Networks in Asia, and whether or not could we bring the UK model over to such a vibrant and expanding market. Following many months of reaching out to various suppliers and logistics companies, gathering industry data, and speaking with some of the industry leaders I was certain it was a model that was needed to help with the development in Asia’s growing logistics industry, for both customers and smaller independent hauliers alike.

So off I went to start the ball rolling in Thailand, and whilst no easy task, the feedback was very positive. Shortly after I was getting calls from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, & Myanmar, who had been recommended to me, all looking to work together. At the time in Thailand alone, GDP was growing at 4.5% and E-commerce was seeing massive growth compared to the UK.


A year later we had the fortunate opportunity to become part of Caribou, who were already looking to expand their operations across the UK, and had the vision to expand operations to Asia. With Caribou we explored a few options that we had, including taking on a local partner company, bringing a UK network over, or simply start our own network from scratch.

In the end it was decided that we could forge the network quickly and offer all the current services we currently offer within the UK including:

  • Proven, sustainable, and economical palletised freight delivery solutions
  • Operational efficiencies ensuring real value for your customers and for your business
  • Pallet and carton collections & deliveries during the day, then taken overnight to the delivery areas.
  • Member benefits of using a ‘shared delivery network’ – giving you access to a national palletised distribution from a depot that is close to you.
  • Caribou Network services, only available through our Caribou members and customers.

So there we had our Parcel and Palletised freight network starting within Thailand, with a plan to push out to other countries within the region.

Whilst things have been slightly challenging due to Covid restrictions we pushed ahead and made excellent progress ready for launch day!

What’s Next?

Our Bangkok office is now set up, final selections for our hubs are being made, we are recruiting some of the best talent and our team is reaching out to all domestic logistics companies far and wide to come and enjoy the benefits of joining this exciting project.

Caribou Thailand is well on the way to making its mark in this exciting market, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it grow from strength to strength!

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