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The Caribou Warehouse is a busy place. Deliveries are always coming and going, and employees are always out and about dropping off parcels and nipping to and from the office. We caught up with some of the Caribou team, to see what their day looks like in the busy warehouse.

All the admin gets done in the office above the warehouse. From invoicing and emailing the office is the hub of Caribou. Jess is our Office Manager and spends her mornings doing admin in the office. After chatting about Fantasy Football with the rest of the office, she catches up with her emails and sorts out any invoicing that needs doing, as well as catching up with our Managing Director, Daryl to see if he needs any support. A typical day for Jess will then usually involve getting stuck in with anything else needed in the warehouse. From driving the vans to occasionally getting stuck into revenue protection, no two days for Jess are ever the same.

Jess started working for Caribou in June and on her first day was tasked with driving one of the vans from Manchester to Halifax, a day she says she will never forget after having to navigate through the winding Yorkshire roads. Jess was brought into Caribou to introduce a more structured approach for the business, and act as a right hand man for Daryl when he needed the extra support. Jess isn’t afraid to get stuck into everything and anything and that’s just what we love about her!

On the warehouse floor our team of warehouse workers work hard to ensure that parcels are taken on and off of vans promptly so that drivers can quickly get back to their deliveries. Our warehouse workers are the core of Caribou. Without them things definitely wouldn’t run as smoothly. Chris works in the warehouse and is in charge of emptying and filling the vans up until around 5pm. He sorts them into different carriers (Amazon etc) and then sends them back on their way where they need to be. One of the busiest times in the warehouse is from 5-6pm, when the Royal Mail vans turn up. Chris says that these vans need to be fully unloaded and reloaded before 7pm to ensure they can meet their 24 hour deliveries! There’s a sense of great comradery between our warehouse workers, and no one is afraid to help out when needed.

As out Floor Manager, Duanne oversees everything on the warehouse floor, from the incoming deliveries to revenue protection with Mike and Lauren, it’s Duanne’s job to make sure it all goes smoothly.

At Caribou, we like to make sure there is progression for our employees, and that they love doing the job they’re in. That’s why lots of the time our team will move into different areas of Caribou whilst they find what they want to do. This is pretty much what happened for Ben! As one of our delivery drivers, Ben is always out and about dropping off our deliveries, but he is looking to move into Account Management, so we’ve given him the opportunity! We’re looking forward to seeing how Ben gets on in his new role at Caribou.

You can see more about our team on our social media, make sure you follow us at @wearecaribou on Instagram for all of our weekly updates. 

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