Coronavirus Protection: Top Tips For Carriers.

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Logistics has been an industry that has been in high demand during the pandemic. That means that many of our workers have been working throughout and have been busier than ever. With this comes more risk of exposure to Coronavirus. Our delivery drivers are always out and about, driving across borders and meeting with different households multiple times daily. So, keeping our drivers and our customers safe, is something that is hugely important at the moment. Check out our top tips for keeping safe whilst on the road.

It’s helpful to have hand sanitiser in all your delivery vans. After each customer visit and handover of delivery, sanitising will help to kill any germs that have been transferring during the engagement with the customer. Signing electronically for parcels on a tablet was stopped a few months ago now, however it’s important to remember not to exchange your phone, pens or anything else with a customer, and if you do, make sure you have some disinfectant wipes handy!

When switching vans with another driver, or returning a van to the depot, ensure it is wiped down after use. This includes the door handles and all of the interior such as the wheel and gearstick and anything else that is regularly touched by drivers. You could even consider  washable seat covers if you want to be super safe.

To ensure drivers are safe, it’s important that when they return to their hub or somewhere where they make or receive deliveries, they have somewhere to wash their hands, especially if they are going to be eating food, as they have been interacting with strangers all day. It’s actually a legal requirement if you are a business in which the driver is making or receiving deliveries that you provide them access to these facilities. This responsibility lies with whoever controls the premises drivers are visiting.

With drivers spending lots of time in their vans during the day, it’s no surprise that they will need to sneeze/cough occasionally. With vans being used by other drivers after, it’s important to have a sanitary way to dispose of tissues and rubbish, instead of leaving tissues and germs around the van. Consider getting some disposable mini rubbish bags that drivers can put tissues and rubbish into to reduce the amount of germs within the van.

Delivery Drivers constantly come into contact with different packages and surfaces. As one of our key workers, delivery drivers still have to enter shops, use public bathrooms and touch goods handled by others. Proper hand hygiene and practising handwashing will help your drivers get into a routine.

  • Key times to wash hands for everyone include:
    • Before and after eating food
    • After going to the toilet
    • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

  • Times at work that delivery drivers should be washing their hands include:
    • Before and after work shifts.
    • Before and after work breaks.
    • Before and after making deliveries, including after picking up from drop-boxes and customer pickups.
    • After touching frequently touched surfaces, such as doorbells or door handles, or after entering a warehouse.
    • Before wearing and after removing cold-weather gloves.
    • Before and after adding petrol/diesel to the delivery vehicle.

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