Are You Securing Your Packages Correctly?

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When it comes to shipping items, one thing that is crucial you get right is your packaging. The security of your packaging depends on the fragility and costliness of what is being shipped. For instance, transporting books and transporting glass would require two totally different styles of packaging, at least on the inside. It’s important to make sure that the packaging you are using is good enough to keep items safe whilst also being cost effective for your business. Delivering broken items is a sure fire way for customers to get angry, and they will have no hesitations about jumping on Twitter and calling you out. So, follow our top tips below for safe and secure packaging of your goods!

What are you using to secure fragile items?

Using the right packaging to secure your fragile items such as glassware during shipping is hugely important. There are many options out there, from bubble wrap and air pillows (like what you sometimes find on champagne bottles) to styrofoam peanuts. Also take into consideration environmental factors, using a recyclable product is preferable, as some customers will be annoyed if they see their package turn up with an unnecessary amount of plastic included, however they will also be annoyed if it turns up broken, so it’s important to weigh up your options. Secure with brown or clear tape, and stay away from duct tape and normal sellotape as these won’t provide adequate protection.

How to pack plants and flowers.

Perishable items such as plants are tricky to transport, and even tricker to package. With these items being so delicate, the packaging used in transportation needs to provide enough protection for them. For plants, use sectioned tray containers so that they can’t bump each other. They will also need to have extra protection such as insulated packaging to keep plants at an appropriate temperature. Plants will also need to be secured in a way so that they can’t move around the vehicle when in transit, consider using cable ties or a similar solution to secure them properly.

Packaging hardware and computers.

When it comes to packaging items such as computers and gaming consoles etc, most companies use heavy duty cardboard packaging. These help to keep the sturdy items safe from smashing and prevent any damage during transit due to the rigid nature of the packaging. Heavy duty cardboard basically holds everything in place. Bubble wrap or styrofoam is sometimes used to wrap individual items in boxes such as ipads or nintendo screens etc, to prevent scratches. As these items are usually relatively expensive and take the same form, you can be safe when choosing heavy duty cardboard. Just make sure you use softer alternatives to cover screens as well.

Other items

For other items such as books, clothes, plastic toys etc. As long as your packaging is secure on the outside and properly closed with adequate tape then you can usually be safe doing what Amazon often does and fill any extra space in the packaging with scrunched up paper. This is a cheap alternative and will usually be secure enough for any non expensive/fragile items.

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