5 effective ways to support small businesses.

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Beyond their size, small businesses are essential to the social fabric and economy of our society, and we play a part in their survival.

We need these businesses for the world to move forward. SMEs take risks in building and inventing products and services to make our lives better.

There are many ways in which your money can be diverted to small businesses.

1. Gift cards

To help small business with their finances, you can buy a gift card in advance for products and services from your favourite stores.

You can show your appreciation to the business owners and a kind gesture of customer loyalty in uncertain times.

2. Order online

Consider restocking your supplies from an independent online business and avoid the busy crowds. You will be able to get everything delivered straight to your door and won’t need to leave the house.

If your local businesses aren’t set up for online purchases, then give them a ring. Many offer home delivery services with contact-free delivery.

3. Practice self-care

Focus on your well being and stay in tune with your mental health.

Many people find isolation difficult, so try to switch off from the news and take care of yourself. Sign up to an online gym class, or try an hour of Yoga.

You can also look to the future and help small businesses by buying care packages, spa gift bags, essential oils, sleep machines and even a light therapy lamp. This is the perfect time to do it.

4. Start a hobby (or find one to distract your child)

With schools and offices slowly reopening, we still have a lot of free time that we could use to be creative or educate ourselves.

Many independent businesses have a vast amount of activities starting with arts and crafts for the children and of course the beer making kits for the adults.

5. Pre-pay and book in advance

Some small businesses have had to press pause on their daily routines during the pandemic.

However, these businesses may need your future support earlier to tide them through the period of social distancing. Prepaying for activities, sessions, appointments, and bookings is a great way of supporting small businesses.

You will also have something to look forward to in the future.

If you’re a small business owner in need of a reliable delivery service or a customer with any parcel enquiries, please contact us at sales@wearecaribou.com.

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