Caribou announces the acquisition of TM Couriers

Caribou can today announce that it has completed the purchase of Andover and Alton-based TM Couriers, a leading expert in logistics, warehousing, and supply chain management. Specialising in storage, picking, courier services, general haulage, and pallet network distribution across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, TM Couriers has built a strong and solid reputation throughout the … Continued

The rise of Same Day Delivery

It’s official. Same day delivery is a thing now. Amazon offers same day delivery for a variety of their items, depending on the location it’s being delivered to. Manchester fashion giant Missguided also offered same day delivery prior to Covid if customers ordered before a certain time of day and lived within the Manchester area. … Continued

Preparing for Christmas 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have both passed and they have been the busiest for online shoppers since online shopping began (thanks to COVID ruining in store shopping plans)! Black Friday 2020 saw the UK spend approximately 5.76 billion pounds compared to last year’s 3.77 billion. E-commerce really is a clear winner in the business … Continued

Is your shopping app secure? Don’t compromise your customers data.

Mobile apps allow us to shop online and on our mobile devices. Many retailers have brought out a mobile app to enhance their customers buying experience. Unfortunately, where there are big industries involved in mobile application, there are criminals and hackers out there determined to break into these systems and put companies and their customers … Continued

Preparing for Brexit – Amazon Sellers Checklist

Whilst we have remained in the EU, things have been pretty easy when it comes to selling and shipping packages across borders. However, as of January 1st, all this is set to change, and for Amazon sellers specifically there are a couple of things to bear in mind, and procedures to have in place before … Continued

Coronavirus Protection: Top Tips For Carriers.

Logistics has been an industry that has been in high demand during the pandemic. That means that many of our workers have been working throughout and have been busier than ever. With this comes more risk of exposure to Coronavirus. Our delivery drivers are always out and about, driving across borders and meeting with different … Continued

Get to know the Caribou Team

The Caribou Warehouse is a busy place. Deliveries are always coming and going, and employees are always out and about dropping off parcels and nipping to and from the office. We caught up with some of the Caribou team, to see what their day looks like in the busy warehouse. All the admin gets done … Continued

Are You Securing Your Packages Correctly?

When it comes to shipping items, one thing that is crucial you get right is your packaging. The security of your packaging depends on the fragility and costliness of what is being shipped. For instance, transporting books and transporting glass would require two totally different styles of packaging, at least on the inside. It’s important … Continued

How Do I Start A Transport Or Logistics Business?

The logistics and delivery industry is booming, and the Coronavirus pandemic has made our industry more in demand than ever. As one of the industries that has benefited due to lockdown, people have been made aware of the importance of courier and logistics services worldwide. This might have got you thinking, could I start my … Continued