WooCommerce Integration Guide

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To Obtain the WooCommerce Consumer Key and Secret

1. Login to WooCommerce
2. Select WooCommerce from the left menu then select Settings
3. Select the Advanced tab
4. Select REST API at the top of the page
5. Select ADD Key

  • Enter CARIBOU as your description
  • Select the User who will be the owner of the Keys
  • Set Permissions to Read/Write to allow Caribou to sync with WooCommerce

6. Select Generate API Key
7. Your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will now be displayed, it is recommended to record this information as you will not be able to view it again at a later time

Add the Integration to Caribou

1. Head over to the Caribou “Download Orders” page at https://my.wearecaribou.com/orders/download
2. Click the “Connect to WooCommerce” button under WooCommerce
3. Fill in the details, including:

  • Connection Name – A short name that’s used for your reference only
  • Your Store URL – This should be the full URL to your store website
  • Your Consumer Key – Obtained above
  • Your Consumer Secret – Obtained above

4. Click Add Account
5. You are now integrated with WooCommerce!
6. To return to import orders again next time, click on the “Download Orders” page and then on the “Download Orders” button under WooCommerce

Removing the Key

To Remove the Key select it from the REST API list then select Revoke.
Note: This will stop the Caribou integration from working, so only do this if you know what you are doing.

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