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To Obtain the Shopify Private API Credentials

You can obtain these from your Shopify Admin Panel:

1. Login to your Shopify admin panel by visiting

2. In the side menu, click on “Apps”:

3. At the bottom of the apps page, click on “Manage private apps”:

4. Now click on the “Create new private app” button:

5. On the “Create private app” page, enter Caribou as the “Private app name” and as the “Emergency developer email”:

6. Under the “Admin API” section, click on “Review disabled Admin API permissions”:

7. Find the following options under this section and change them to these values:


Option Name Set to Value
Third party fulfillment orders Read and write
Shipping rates, countries and provinces Read access
Orders, transactions and fulfillments Read and write
Order editing Read and write
Fulfillment services Read and write
Customer details and customer groups Read access
Assigned fulfillment orders Read and write

8. Leave all the other sections as they are, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

9. On the “Create private app” popup, click “Create app”.

10. You should see a green banner at the top to show that the app has been created successfully.

11. Below this, in the “Admin API” section, copy the “API key” and “Password” – You’ll need these in the section on the next page of this guide:

Add the Integration to Caribou

1. Head over to the Caribou “Download Orders” page at

2. Click the “Connect to Shopify” button under Shopify

3. Fill in the details, including:

  • Connection Name – A short name that’s used for your reference only
  • Your Store URL – This should be the full URL to your store website. This should be in the format similar to “”
  • API Username – Obtained above
  • API Password – Obtained above

4. Click Add Account

5. You are now integrated with Shopify!

6. To return to import orders again next time, click on the “Download Orders” page and then on the “Download Orders” button under Shopify

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