OnBuy Integration Guide

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1. Login in to your OnBuy seller account at https://seller.onbuy.com/login


a. Click on the Listing & Products tab.

b. Click on Imports & Integrations option.

3. Click on the OnBuy API as shown by the arrow in the example image

4. If your integration is disabled click on ENABLE INTEGRATION.

5. Copy the consumer key and secret key. This is required for the Caribou portal


a. Login to the Caribou portal and click on the Download Orders menu.

b. Click on the Manage Connections button on the top right of the page.

7. Once this has been completed scroll down the page until you see the OnBuy box then click on the Add Account


  • Enter a connection name for your OnBuy store
  • Enter your Consumer Key from the integration page in OnBuy.
  • Enter your Secret Key from the integration page in OnBuy.

9. Click Add Account to complete the setup.

10. Scroll to the top of the page and on the right hand side click Download Orders

You will now see your connection as shown in the list.

11. Click on the expand toggle button “^” as shown in the image below to show your stores.

12. Click on Fetch Orders to download your orders. A list of your orders will appear below if there are any in the store which haven’t been dispatched.

If the credentials are invalid, or there is an issue, then the status will be highlighted with a red question mark.

Extra information:

Connection Details in Caribou portal

  1. Consumer Key should be the same as OnBuy Consumer Key.
  2. Consumer Secret should be the same as OnBuy Secret Key.

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