Linnworks Integration Guide

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1. The first step is to go to, log in and add the Caribou app to your Linnworks account by pressing the ‘install’ button.

2. Once the app has been added then return to and go to Shipping -> Integrations and click “Integrate” next to the Caribou app.

3. Enter the login details you use to access

4. Once the Caribou app has been successfully installed then click the second to last icon at the end of the Caribou row. This allows you to choose which Caribou services you would like to use.

5. You will see all of our services, add the ones you are interested in. Repeat the process until you are happy.

6. Generate a label by clicking Print -> Shipping Labels and then you will see the label immediately.

7. The order will now be updated to show the carrier name, service name and tracking number.

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