Not On The High Street Integration Guide

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1. NOTHS API key / authentication

Generating an API key
Goto your Not On The Highstreet Admin Dashboard:
In your NOTHS admin panel, navigate to the “settings” section from the top menu on the dashboard, then click “API Tokens” in the left menu. From here you will need to click the “Generate Token” to create a new API token you can use in the Caribou system. Once you have generated the new token, it should appear at the bottom of the list and state in the Expired column “false”. You should copy the Token column text, double click the text to select then ctrl/cmd-c to copy it to your clipboard (you can store this token for later somewhere safe if you wish).

2. Caribou API integration

Adding the integration to Caribou system. Login to your Caribou portal and navigate to the order downloads section:
From the Orders download Page click the Manage Connection button:

This will take you to a page of integration connections where you should see the NOTHS “Add Account” option in the list.

Click “Add Account” – this will open a dialog where you can enter your store details including name and the API key you created in NOTHS previously.

Add your NOTHS storename in the “Connection Name” field:

You can find this in the first part of the url of your NOTHS admin dashboard before the and underlined with red, you will also find it in your NOTHS dashboard settings page as your store “shortcode”.

Next add the API key we generated previously into the “Consumer Key”: (make sure you copy and paste it exactly without any spaces)

Make sure the following options are set as they need to be – this following combination will automatically sync your orders between Caribou and NOTHS and push your dispatch tracking events back successfully.

Click “Add Account”. You should now see NOTHS integration listed in your connections with a connected status if successful

If you see an error instead, please click edit and make sure all your details have been entered correctly exactly as stated in this guide.

3. Order Downloading

Click “Download Orders” or goto
You should now see the NOTHS integration in your list of connections:

Click Fetch Orders to begin downloading your orders to the Caribou system.

Congratulations you have successfully integrated NOTHS!

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