Amazon Integration Guide

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1. Log in to Amazon Seller Central using your main selling account

2. Click on Settings in the top menu and go to User Permissions:

If you can’t access this page, please logout and back in with the administrator login for your Amazon account

3. Under “Third-party developer and apps” click on “Visit Manage Your Apps”:

4. Click on the “Authorize new developer” button:

5. Enter in the Developer’s Name: Caribou

6. Enter the Caribou Developer ID: 970729503744

7. Click the Next button, check the boxes on the next page and click Next

8. The next page will display your Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token in a box similar to the below image. Copy these values as you will need them for the next step

You might want to print this page and keep it in a safe place. You can also view this information in your Amazon seller account at a later date

Add the Integration to Caribou

1. Head over to the Caribou “Download Orders” page at

2. Click the “Connect to Amazon” button under Amazon

3. Fill in the details, including:

  • Connection Name – A short name that’s used for your reference only
  • Your Seller ID – Obtained above
  • MWS Auth Token – Obtained above

4. Click Add Account

5. You are now integrated with Amazon!

6. To return to import orders again next time, click on the “Download Orders” page and then on the “Download Orders” button under Amazon

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