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Control of over 200 delivery lanes globally
Tailor-made solutions to meet evolving customer needs
Incredible reach across the USA, Africa, Asia & the Middle East

Making things easier for you

Our mission is you, and here at Caribou, we make your life easier. By putting technology at the heart of everything we do, we stay one step ahead of the competition and put you two ticks ahead of the clock. We’re taming the wild frontier of global logistics to put the world on your doorstep. Our answer is yes – now what’s your question?

Proud to be working with over 250 retailers globally

Our guiding lights

The best prices with the best couriers in the best time
Drop-off and collection that works around you
On-the-go management - track your parcels by mobile
Friendly five-star customer service
Clear dashboards that make tracking simple
Tailored rates that ensure the most appropriate service